Help to Design and Analyze Experiments

Science done properly is a powerful tool. Let me help to design and interpret experiments properly to get the most bang for you buck at all stages of product development and commercialization.

I have over 10 years of experience with:

  • fluorescent analysis – microscopy and flow cytometry
  • molecular biology – cloning, PCR, antibody generation and characterization
  • model organism genetics and genomics – C. elegans, Drosophila, Xenopus, bacteria, yeast

Provide (or help to find) voice of customer input on product development

Do you have a great idea or technology for a new product that would be useful to biologist but not sure how it would be used?  Working with Menlo Innovations a software design and development company located in Ann Arbor, I observed the power of High Tech Anthropologist to “study and observe the potential end user in their native environment”.  With my many years of experience in the lab I am a potential end user for your technology or can help to find unbiased input from target end users.

I can also help with translating market/user requirements into appropriate system and subsystem requirements that are clear and testable.

Editing technical documents

Peer review while not flawless is a cornerstone of the scientific method for good reason.  It provides critical evaluation and feedback on the evidence you present to support your claims.  This usually results in better science and more persuasive arguments to convince skeptical customers.

Contact us to see if your technical materials can be improved with our critical eye.

Education outreach

Are you looking to try new technology or techniques but need a little help getting started?  I have  nearly 20 years of experience using a broad range of molecular and cellular biology techniques and I would be happy to help you get started.