My name is Koen Verbrugghe and I founded Lykos Scientific LLC., a science consulting company in 2016. My aim is to help others do good science by

  • helping to design and analyze experiments,
  • providing (or helping to find) voice of customer input on product development
  • editing technical documents
  • education outreach

I am an experienced scientist with nearly 20 years experience in cell and molecular biology especially genetics, microscopy and flow cytometry in both academia and industry.  I have a proven record of productivity and a demonstrated ability to adapt and learn quickly and to prioritize, troubleshoot and deliver projects. Most recently I was the associate director of R&D at Zomedica Pharmaceutical a small veterinary biotech startup working to develop a test to diagnose cancer in dogs.  Before that I was a senior scientist for BD Biosciences a large international company.  I worked on the development of an easy to use flow cytometer for the research and clinical market.  I was responsible for all aspects of assay development, implementing 9 different assays on the clinical system.  I also managed the team responsible for delivering the software for the system.  I was integral in other aspects of hardware and system development and testing and in supporting submissions to the FDA.

I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and has a PhD in genetics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. My graduate work used genetics and microscopy to study cytokinesis – the basic process of how cells divide in two – in the early C. elegans embryo.  I then spent 6 years as a postdoc in labs at the University of Cambridge, University of Wisconsin and University of Michigan learning and applying new techniques to the study of this basic process in different systems.

I have been a member of the American Society of Cell Biology

I am on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/koenverbrugghe

PDF of Current CV: Verbrugghe 2018


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