Welcome to Lykos Scientific

After BD closed its Ann Arbor office in 2016, I decided to start a consulting company to help other companies do good science.  I started by helping BD and Menlo Innovations to further facilitate the transition of project leadership to San Jose, continue to support the integration of a second wave of assays and to help put together documents for submissions to the FDA.  I also began to work with a new veterinary biotech startup Zomedica Pharmaceutical to develop an assay to detect cancer in dogs using a simple blood test using technology developed for the human market by Celsee Inc.  What started as a consulting relationship became a full time position when I came onboard full time in 2017 as Associate Director of R&D.  This summer after seeing the project develop from a simple idea to nearing readiness to begin formal testing, I decided to return to consulting full time and I am looking for new customers that may need my help.  

I am an experience scientist having worked nearly 20 years in cell and molecular biology especially genetics, microscopy and flow cytometry in both academia and industry.  I think I can help to introduce new techniques or technologies to your company’s arsenal, design and analyze experiments, provide (or help to find) voice of customer input on product development and/or edit technical documents. I have extensive experience in assay development, hardware and system testing and have been involved in software development and regulatory affairs including contributing to FDA 510k submissions.

Please explore this website to find out more and don’t hesitate to contact me to start a discussion about how I can help you accomplish your goals.